I live in a subdivision where my grandmother used to live, and I have planted Eastern Red Cedars, Spruce Pine, Southern Longleaf Pine, Fringe tree, Tupelo, Bottlebrush Buckeye…a bazillion native plants since I moved here last year basically. In my subdivision though, there is a man who makes his money off of a huge piece of land he keeps as a sod field. I have such hatred inside me for that sod field. It sustains nothing; it is a lifeless expanse of turf grass and he apparently tells the neighbor across from him (who happily obliges, and who shared this with me today) to use pesticides to keep clover and dandelions from growing in his lawn so that they don’t spread to the precious sod. It’s all about having a useless manicured landscape, which is the furthest thing in the world from what I want. I keep my yard like my fingernails: neat but unmanicured, and chemical free.

Today my neighbor was asking me for advice about how to pull up poison ivy (which wasn’t, it was virginia creeper, but I told him even if poison ivy was there, it’s good for birds and some insects, like the showy Emerald Moth which uses it to make it’s larva on and he said, “Oh, well, we don’t care about that…” Well, what the hell is wrong with that person?! What an attitude to take, I wish I had just screamed at him, “You’re thoughtless and i have no use for you!” but I didn’t. Sometimes I’m a nice person, but I can also be angry, especially at people who don’t care about wildlife.